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I'm just one ordinary Tarlaqueno who loves to travel and travel and travel and revel in God's wonderful creation. Through this blog, I get to share my travel experiences with everyone.

The Stunning Windmills of Bangui

Bangui Windmills

Out of all the attractions that I have visited in Ilocos Norte, Bangui Wind Farm was my favorite. Formally known as the Northwind Bangui Bay Project, the Bangui Wind Farm is composed of 20 units of 1.65 MW wind turbines, each 70 meters tall, arranged in a single row and forming a beautiful arc along the shoreline of Bangui Bay. Tourists refer to them more popularly as Bangui Windmills.

Grasping Reality on the Way to Kabigan Falls

Kabigan Falls
Kabigan Falls on broad daylight

Part of the North Pagudpud tour is a 30-minute walk to Kabigan Falls. I knew I would spend quite some time there since it would already take an hour getting to the falls and back. Add to that the time it would take to just commune with the surroundings and take some photos. But I didn’t mind because waterfalls are the ones I really look forward to visiting whenever I go out on a trip.

Nakakapagod na Pagudpud Tricycle Tour

The famous canopy marker of Pagudpud

Given my short time to travel around Ilocos Norte, I was torn between two options: spend a night in Pagudpud after a whole day tour or take a tour the entire day and head back to Laoag in the afternoon. Catching the sunset in Blue Lagoon sounded nice, but this time I felt like I wanted a slice of the city at night so I chose the latter.

Ilocos Norte Travel Guide: Activities, Itinerary, Expenses

Bangui Windmills

After having learned about the cancellation of my Kalibo flight, I didn’t quite consider rebooking. Well, the slight thought of getting a new ticket crossed my mind from time to time, but I ended up deciding to go somewhere else after booking cheap Kalibo flights for August 2013. 

2013 Travel Prologue: Ready to Roam Again…Well, Almost

My 2013 travel schedules written on my bedroom wall

Happy New Year everyone! Wow, it feels great to finally resume blogging after 5 months of rest. I also had quite a long rest from traveling and I miss it badly! I will definitely make a comeback this year (owws? Haha) and I must say I am already geared up (well, almost) for a brand new year of exploring God’s wonders. 

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