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I'm just one ordinary Tarlaqueno who loves to travel and travel and travel and revel in God's wonderful creation. Through this blog, I get to share my travel experiences with everyone.

Higher Than High: The Alluring Aliwagwag Falls

Alluring indeed!

My love for waterfalls started when I visited Kawasan Falls in Cebu in November 2010. Since then, I made sure I get to visit at least one in every trip that I prepare, if possible. Though a waterfalls fan, I was not very familiar with all the popular waterfalls in the Philippines. While researching for places to visit in Eastern Mindanao, I chanced upon Mr. Olan Emboscado’s blog, The Travel Teller, and found out about Aliwagwag Falls, which is said to be the highest waterfalls in the Philippines. Apparently, my travel companion has also researched about the same waterfalls so immediately we included it in our itinerary.

Aliwagwag Falls was called as such because it is located in Brgy. Aliwagwag, Cateel. The falls is about 25 km away from Cateel proper and can be reached within 30 minutes by habal-habal. Upon completion of the Davao-ComVal-Cateel Road (probably in 2013), getting to Aliwagwag falls will definitely be faster and easier. On the other hand, the falls is roughly 50 km from Compostela Valley.

Cateel Accommodation: Oar Inn

Oar Inn

If you are headed to what is said to be the highest waterfalls in the Philippines, and you happen to arrive late in Cateel, don’t be too worried about where you’re gonna spend the night. There are quite a few accommodations in Cateel since it is already gaining popularity thanks to Aliwagwag Falls and the few stunning beaches in the town.

One of the most accessible accommodations is OAR INN. Located right in front of the town’s bus terminal, this inn may be your best option.

The Long Journey from Davao City to Cateel

After about two months of planning and a number of text and facebook conversations, my friend and I decided to make Aliwagwag Falls in Cateel, Davao Oriental our first destination in our Eastern Mindanao trip.

I met him at Francisco Bangoy International Airport (or Davao Airport) since he was coming from Cebu and I flew from Clark. We rode a taxi going to Ecoland terminal. It cost us about 190 pesos. Since it was past the hour of 12 that time, we’ve decided to stop by a nearby restaurant to eat before heading to the terminal. 

Buses at Ecoland Terminal in Davao City
At half past 1 we proceeded to Ecoland only to find out that the bus going to Cateel has left just a few minutes before we arrived. We asked the staff of Bachelor Express what time the next trip will be, but they weren’t quite sure as there are no standby buses for Cateel and we would really have to wait until the bus from Cateel arrives.

Fifteen minutes after waiting in the terminal, a guy approached us, asking us where we’re headed. We told him we were bound for Cateel, and he immediately told us that there’s a van parked a block away from Ecoland going to Cateel. After a short talk, my friend and I decided to opt for the van than wait for the bus.

After walking a short distance from Ecoland, we were ushered in a yellow airconditioned van. We were then informed that the van is actually going to Mati City, but will head to Cateel after. We then realized our trip will be longer as compared to the bus trip that will pass by the Davao-Compostela Road. But anyway,we thought it was also a good idea to pass by Mati city and the nearby municipalities of Compostela Valley and Davao Oriental.

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport

Diosdado Macapagal International Airport or Clark Airport

With more and more flights going in and out of the Diosdado Macapagal International Airport (DMIA), or simply known as Clark Airport, a lot of people have been asking for details on how to reach the airport, travel times, expenses, and the like.

Cebu Pacific, Airphilexpress, Tiger Airways, Sea Air, and Air Asia fly to and from DMIA. The airport mostly caters international flights (Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Kota Kinabalu, Singapore, Hongkong, Macau) but also caters flights to and from Cebu, Davao, Kalibo, and Puerto Princesa.

Tarlaqueno Traveler Welcomes You

Hi everyone! At last, after 1 day and 10 years I've finally decided to put up a travel blog. Haha! I am actually too lazy to document travel stuff over the internet, but on second thought I would like to be of help to other people who want to gather information about their dream vacations and out-of-town adventures. 

By the way, I am Emir Sicangco, a registered Civil Engineer and a teacher by profession. On my spare time, I travel to different places to meet new people, try different dishes and delicacies, learn new things, and to simply appreciate the wonders that God has created. I am based in Tarlac, the so-called Melting Pot of Central Luzon.

I must admit I am not that well-acquainted with my home city/province. I see this blog as a door that will open future opportunities for me to explore Tarlac and be able to share with you what the province has to offer. And I am also excited to share with you my experiences in the neighboring provinces as well as the rest of the provinces in the Philippines (and hopefully other countries). 

I look forward to blogging my travel experiences and I hope to answer some of your concerns from cheap accommodations to transportation fares to just about anything about travel.  

Let me just leave you my two cents on traveling: I see traveling not as a luxurious activity nor a waste of time, but more of an endless journey along life's realities. 

Welcome to my world!
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