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I'm just one ordinary Tarlaqueno who loves to travel and travel and travel and revel in God's wonderful creation. Through this blog, I get to share my travel experiences with everyone.

Fulfilling Childhood Dreams of Honesty and All Other Good Things

The author at Honesty Coffee Shop

          Once in our childhood we all dreamed of a few distinctive things that we wanted to achieve when we grow up. I dreamed of studying in Manila (I was born and raised in Tarlac); I dreamed of seeing tourist spots that I only saw in my elementary textbooks; I dreamed of driving my own car. Fortunately, all of these things unfolded into reality… one dream at a time. But there was one simple childhood dream I had when I was fourteen – fourteen years ago – that I could visibly remember: to be able to visit the famous Honesty Store in Batanes. Back then I really didn’t care what Batanes looked like, all I was interested in was that little shop that I had learned about from a local TV program. I was intrigued at how honesty could still be upheld strictly and wanted to witness that myself.
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