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On Top of Thailand’s Tallest Tower

If you would like to get a good view of Bangkok’s skyline, the best place to go to is Baiyoke Sky Hotel. Also known as Baiyoke Tower II, this 85-storey structure stands 304 meters tall and currently holds the record as the tallest in Thailand. It is also the 48th tallest structure in the world.

One doesn’t have to spend 4,000 baht (roughly 5600 pesos) for an overnight stay just to enjoy a spectacular view of Bangkok. For only 300 baht (around 420 pesos), you can already get an access to the observatory on the 77th floor and even the revolving view deck on the 84th floor. That’s a 360-degree view of the lively city! The ticket also includes a complimentary drink at the 83rd floor. My family and I, including my sister’s friend Mike, went here to cap off our third day in Thailand. 

Tickets ready!

Before you proceed to the 84th floor, you can first check out the gallery at the 77th floor which features the rich culture of the Thais. This floor also serves as an observatory where you can view Bangkok’s skyline from the glass walls. My family, Mike and I had fun taking pictures at the 77th floor.

Complete family. Thanks Mike for taking this photo!
Scale model of Baiyoke Sky Hotel
View of Bangkok from the 77th floor
The most exciting part of the Baiyoke experience is definitely getting a view of Bangkok from the revolving deck at the 84th floor. This is not for the faint-hearted, though. It can get a bit shaky at the view deck, especially when a lot of people walk around. Also due to its altitude, expect strong winds. Nevertheless, getting at the 84th floor will complete your Baiyoke experience. Mom was already halfway towards the 84th floor (you have to take the stairs to get to the 84th floor) when she felt dizzy and decided to stay at the 83rd. So it was just the four of us who made it to the topmost floor. I think it took us two turns on the view deck before we decided to get a drink at the 83rd floor. Each complete turn takes about 7 minutes.

Pasakayin mo naman si Mike! Haha
Welcome to mom's sari-sari store!

In case you haven’t had your meal yet, you can opt to purchase a seafood buffet ticket for 650 baht (around 900 pesos) which includes access to the revolving view deck.

All in all, the experience was great. We got our money’s worth. I recommend this place to those who will visit Bangkok. It’s worth including in your itinerary. By the way, it’s more advisable to visit the place at night not only because all the vibrant colors come out in the dark but also because the weather is cooler.  

For more details, visit Baiyoke Sky Hotel's website here.


  1. hi! very nice pix :) how could we avail the baiyoke tower tickets? is it online or by simply going straight there?

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by. You can purchase your ticket directly at baiyoke sky hotel, no need to buy online. :)


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