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Baler Quick Tour: Sabang Beach Sunrise

Sabang Beach Baler

Catching the sunrise in Sabang Beach the following morning was the best reward my colleagues and I could get after the extended hours of planning that we had the night before. We were like a bunch of excited kids knocking on each door to wake up the others who might be interested in going with us.    
We didn’t bother waking our driver up as he might still be in a deep slumber, so we just rode the tricycles parked in front of Carlito’s Inn. Fare going to Sabang beach was 15 pesos per person per way.

Sabang Beach Baler
Smoky mounatins. hehe
Sabang Beach Baler
Tried a long exposure shot

We arrived 30 minutes ahead of the forecasted sunrise time so we killed time by taking lots and lots of wacky pictures. I never expected my colleagues to be so shutter happy! Everyone got busy taking pictures—jumpshots here, kulitan pics there. No wonder everyone was complaining of aching muscles on the way back to Tarlac. Lol. It actually turned out to be such an enjoyable bonding activity for all of us.

Long exposure shot
Sabang Beach Baler
The rising sun's reflection peeking

Sabang Beach is one unforgettable place for me because I almost died of drowning there almost four years ago. Since the waves there are meant for surfing, they were just too strong and when I tried swimming, the force of the water on my feet was too difficult to control. I could still remember my colleagues back then laughing at me while I was trying to save myself, thinking I was playing a prank on them. When they realized I was really drowning, still not a single person came to my rescue because nobody knew how to swim! Good thing I was able to get myself to the shore after a few minutes of struggling in the water. That experience was really scary! 

Sabang Beach Baler
The sun's almost up

Short glimpse of the sun

It was already half past six and the sun had already shone but the clouds were not that generous that morning, covering the sun and the supposedly orange sky. We had a glimpse of the sun, though, but only for a very brief moment before the clouds covered it again. On the other hand, it wasn’t so disappointing because everyone had fun posing for the cameras.

The girls' jump shot
Boys' turn!
The teaching engineers having fun


  1. Wow! Fantastic sunrise! I wish I could go there with my wife.

    1. It could've been more fantastic if there weren't so many clouds sir. :) It would be great if you will take your wife on a trip to Baler. You both will surely enjoy the place :)


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