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Beyond Enchanted: Paradise at the End of the River

This boat can be found at the end of the river

If you are visiting Enchanted River in Hinatuan, the enchantment doesn’t stop at enjoying the cold, blue waters. There are actually a lot of other amazing places to visit in the small town.

If you are keen enough to explore Enchanted River, you will find a number of boats further downstream. For a fee, these boats will take you to several places that Hinatuan is also proud of. Among the places you can visit are Sibadan Fish Cages and Resort, Margarett Island Peak Resort, Tinago River and Islands, Pangasinan Pacific Shore Resort, and Vanishing Island.

The depth of the water is so shallow that it's so easy to build structures on stilts

Depending on your preferences, you may arrange a day trip with the tour dispatchers in the area. For 160 pesos per hour, a boat that can accommodate 5 people can be rented for a tour of the abovementioned places. If you are only interested in snorkeling at Sibadan Fish Cages, roundtrip boat rentals for 5 people go for only 200 pesos.

One of the many islands that can be seen during the tour
On the shore of Margarett Peak Island Resort

Your one hour, or even your half day, will surely be well-spent in these places. Do take note that entrance fees are being charged on some of the tourist spots. I will be posting separate entries regarding the places we’ve visited. 

View of the Pacific as seen from the deck of Margarett Peak
Plenty of fish at Sibadan
Sibadan Fish Cages
Pangasinan Beach Shore
Fish cages here and there
View in Tinago River
Still at Tinago River

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