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A Stunning View of the Pacific in Margarett Peak

Margarett Island Peak Resort
Pacific Ocean

Almost anywhere in the Philippines you’ll be able to get a view of the Pacific Ocean. The rivers and seas surrounding the archipelago discharge into the world’s largest body of water. But among the places that I’ve visited that offered great views of the Pacific, I think the view in Margarett Island Peak Resort is yet the most spectacular.
Margarett Island Peak Resort is an attraction located in Pangasinan Island, off the coast of Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur, reachable in 15 minutes by a small pump boat. It is one of the few tourist spots that can be visited in the arranged tours offered in Enchanted River. For a glimpse of other attractions in the area, please click here.

Margarett Island Peak Resort
Towards the entrance arc
Margarett Island Peak Resort Shoreline
Golden sand

Upon reaching the place, I marveled at the beauty of its shoreline lined with tall coconut trees and gorgeous fine sand with a golden hue. My friend and I paid an entrance fee of 20 pesos per person and took out our cameras for some noon shots.

There are cottages, comfort rooms, and a sari-sari store in the resort. I thought there was nothing else to do in the place aside from basking under the sun, and so I was ready to go to the next destination. But our boatman told us that there is a view deck on top of a hill that offers a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean. Oh, that explains the word ‘peak’ in the name of the resort. Goes to show I am not inquisitive enough. Haha.

View of Pacific Ocean at Margarett Island Peak Resort
View deck
My legs were still aching that time but I was more than willing to climb up the 101 steps just to see that stunning view the boatman was pertaining to. In just about 5 minutes we were already at the highest point of the small island, and all I could say was “wow.” The view was just magnificent. There’s the vast expanse of the waters in different shades of blue, the lush greenery, small islets, and the cool waves. The wind blowing was oh so calming I could actually stay for an hour for some nap. But since we were being charged by the hour for the boat we rented, we had to leave after 15 minutes of resting in the wooden view deck.  
If you want to have a relaxing experience while viewing the Pacific Ocean, be sure to check out Margarett Island Peak Resort.

View of Pacific Ocean at Margarett Island Peak Resort
Small islets on the side
Margarett Peak is located in one of the islands off the coast of Hinatuan in Surigao del Sur. If you are coming from Davao City, you can ride a bus going to Bislig City. From Bislig City, you can take another bus or a jeep for a 1-hour ride to Hinatuan. Upon reaching Hinatuan, you can alight at the passenger terminal or right at the intersection going to Enchanted River. For either of the two options, you can catch a habal-habal that will take you to Enchanted River. Pump boats that offer tours to Margarett Island Peak Resort and other destinations can be found at the Enchanted River.  

20 pesos per person
Cottages go for around 100 pesos.

For inquiries, you may contact 09063480197 or 09184044062.

View of Pacific Ocean at Margarett Island Peak Resort
Simply spectacular
View of Pacific Ocean at Margarett Island Peak Resort
Check out the small waves in the middle
View of Pacific Ocean at Margarett Island Peak Resort
Stunning views of greens and blues
Margarett Island Peak Resort beach front
Beach front

After going to Margarett Island Peak Resort, you may want to make a quick visit to Pangasinan Pacific Shore Resort for a minimal entrance fee of 5 pesos per person. The color of the sand along the shore is similar to that in Margarett.

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