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The Hidden Beauty of Tinago Revealed

Tinago River Hinatuan
One of the first few islands you'll encounter

I’ve been to and have heard of several spots in the Philippines named Tinago, most of which were called such because of their undiscovered beauty. Filipinos are well aware that the word tinago came from the root word tago which could mean hide (as in tágo) or hidden (as in tagó). 

Tinago River Hinatuan
Interesting to note that some islets are as flat as the water

Tinago River and Islands is no exception to the explanation mentioned above. During our last stop in our Hinatuan boat tour, we cruised along the many beautiful islets scattered along the greenish-colored river. I’ve actually lost count of the islets I’ve seen, and I was too forgetful I failed to ask the guides how many islands there are.

Tinago River Hinatuan
Some houses on stilts

There is no fee in going here. This is usually the last destination in the boat tours being offered in the area since it gives visitors a sense of relaxation after a tiring climb at the peak in Margarett Island Peak Resort and snorkeling in Sibadan Fish Cages. Guests just stay in the boat as it traverses the winding path of the river. [Just a thought: to me, Tinago actually didn’t look like a river at all. It looks more like a sea with several islets.]      

Tinago River Hinatuan
Contrast of sizes

The tarpaulin ad promotes Tinago as an attraction of unspoiled islets. On the other hand, the government has plans of setting up structures to turn the place into what it calls a “honeymooners’ paradise.” In that case, the unspoiled attraction is in danger of being damaged. I hope they just leave the place as it is.

Tinago River Hinatuan
This is the Nth islet.haha
Tinago River Hinatuan
Looks like ironwood

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