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Experiencing Tranquility in Mahoc Beach

Mahoc Beach

After an exhausting adventure in Aliwagwag Falls, we still had an hour to spare before we check out from our accommodation. We asked our habal-habal driver, Kuya Along, to take us somewhere for a quick visit. He asked if we wanted to visit a white sand beach, and we said yes. He told us he’s going to take us to Mahoc Beach, a white sand paradise located in San Antonio, a barangay in Cateel that’s just next to the town of Baganga. 

Relaxing view

 Thirty minutes after we left Aliwagwag Falls, we arrived at Mahoc Beach. It is very accessible; just a few steps from the provincial road. We didn’t care much about the scorching heat of the noontime sun. We quickly walked towards the beach and were astounded by the magnificent view of lush mountains, tall coconut trees, fine sand, blue and green waters, and some interesting rock formations. 

Coconut trees

 The sand is actually not that white—it’s closer to cream or light beige—but very fine. I loved sinking my feet into the warm pile of tiny granules. The color of the water varies from one spot to another. There were several shades of green and blue. 

Rock formations
On one side of the beach you will see mountains teeming with foliage, a curved shore line, and emerald green waters. On the other side, you will see towering coconut trees, rock formations and crystal blue waters. A few meters from the shoreline are creeping vines of bright green leaves and violet blooms. 

Lush vegetation in the background

Mahoc Beach equates to tranquility. It’s a public beach—no entrance fees—yet we saw about 6 people only when we went there. The place is clean; there were no traces of trash in the area. It’s a perfect place to spend early mornings or lazy afternoons. 

What animal is this?
From poblacion in Cateel, hire a habal-habal going to Brgy. San Antonio. Roundtrip rate should not be more than 300 pesos. Buses bound for Mati and Davao also pass by San Antonio. You will be charged about 35 pesos for the 20-kilometer ride.

Spending an hour or so in Mahoc Beach is free of charge. There are no cottages for rent as well. 

Gentle waves
A lot of textures
More variations in textures
Bright-colored vines
The rocky part adds a unique touch to the beach


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