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Eastern Mindanao-Cebu 6 Days 5 Nights Itinerary and Expenses

I'm done with all my posts for the Eastern Mindanao-Cebu trip. Now here's the actual schedule of our 6 days-5 nights trip in Eastern Mindanao (Davao Oriental, Agusan del Norte, Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur) and Cebu:

Sorry for that long list, but here's another long list. Hehe. Listed below are the total expenses for the trip based on two persons sharing some of the expenses:

I wasn't able to keep my expenses within my target budget of 8,000 pesos. But that's alright since the expenses blew up because of some additional destinations that we visited that were not really included in the original list. Add to that the fact that we were only two people in the trip. The expenses would've gotten significantly lower if there were 3 or 4 people traveling in this itinerary. 

If I were to add my flight tickets, pre-departure and post-trip expenses, the total expenses for the trip will be

Actual Expenses                     8598
Transportation Tarlac to Pampanga    161
DMIA Terminal Fee                    150
Ticket CRK-DVO                       275
Ticket BXU-CEB                       765
Ticket CEB-CRK                       765
Mactan Airport Terminal Fee          200
Transportation Pampanga to Tarlac    111
GRAND TOTAL                        11025 pesos

I think the calculator is not functioning properly. LOL. I spent that much? Oh, well, with all the sights, experiences, adventures, acquaintances and realizations in the entire trip, I think it was money well spent. Thank you Lord for all these financial provisions. 


  1. Very detailed! This will be very useful.

  2. Just finished reading your series. Great job! Thanks for the very helpful tips and info. Will be there in 2 weeks. Excited! :)

    1. Hi Gabz! Thanks. I hope I was able to help you out. Enjoy your trip! By the way, your site is cool! Great pics!


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