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Snorkeling at Sibadan Fish Cages

Sibadan Fish Cages and Sand Bars Restaurant

It was Day 3 of our Eastern Mindanao Trip and I haven’t used my snorkeling gear yet. So it was a pleasant surprise that I’d get to use my snorkel in one of the attractions in Hinatuan—the Sibadan Fish Cages and Sand Bars Resort. Well, I could’ve also used my snorkeling gear in Enchanted River, but there aren’t so many fishes in there.

Solo flight
Welcome signage

We went to Sibadan Fish Cages after our quick visit of Margarett Island Peak Resort. Sibadan is a cluster of wooden structures on stilts, standing proud in the middle of the waters of Port Lamon, Hinatuan. It is not actually a wonder how the locals were able to build such a structure right in the middle of the sea. Why? The area is actually known to have waters of shallow depth, some middle parts even as low as 4 feet! The place is just perfect for people with thalassophobia (fear of large bodies of water).

Fish trio

In Sibadan, plenty of fish, crabs, lobsters, and even turtles may be found in the “aquariums” bounded by nets. You can snorkel in the aquarium in the middle. They provide life jackets which is inclusive in the entrance fee of just 5 pesos. Aside from being just a structure housing fish cages, the place has lodging rooms and a restaurant wherein the crew can catch fish and other seafood and cook them for you. This makes lunchtime the perfect time to visit Sibadan.

I went snorkeling for about 10 minutes, enjoying the view of the big creatures underwater. My friend and I didn't have lunch there because the prices are a bit steep if only two people will dine.

For inquires, you may contact Sibadan Fish Cages at 09273936207.  

Some more big fish

Lodging on the far end
Wooden stairs leading to the fish cages
School of fish
Another one going solo
These are the big ones
Interesting blue glow

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